July Rollings
Image of Zakee Shariff "LOVE' Candle

Zakee Shariff "LOVE' Candle


Scented soya wax candle with LOVE logo. Each candle has been customised by Zakee herself.

Velvet Rose and Oud


Burn time:
40 hrs

How to get the best out of your candle:

- On your first burn make sure to burn your candle for at least 3 hours in order to ensure that the melt pool reaches the edges and gives you an even burn in the future.

- Trim the tip of the wick between each burn, keeping it no longer than 5mm and making sure none of the trimmings get in the wax.

- Keep your candles away from draughts.

- Try to avoid blowing out your candle, buy and use a snuffer instead.

- To prolong the life of your candle don't burn it for longer than 4-5 hours each time not more than once every 24 hours. This avoids excessive carbon deposits on the wick leading to more smoke when burning.

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