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I'd like to share with you a few words from some of my lovely clients as to their experience of our healing sessions, both one-to-one and distance.

Remember, everyone experiences Reiki very differently, and what you experience is right for where you are in that moment. You can feel a whole range of emotions and physical reactions right there and then, even days later; and you may feel nothing at all but Reiki is always working! 


"I decided to have my first Reiki session with an open mind and no expectation. I was going through a period of grief and tension brought on by the trauma of dealing with the repercussions of life during a pandemic and definitely felt in the need of some kind of space and healing but not sure where to turn to for it.

My first Reiki session offered just that, for the first time in weeks I was able to feel relaxed and through Davina’s guidance literally felt the tension release itself from my body.

I had no idea how Reiki healing worked and to be honest, still don’t, but by the time I awoke from our hour session, I felt relaxed, centred, calm and less heavy with grief. 

I don’t think understanding exactly how Reiki works is an important reason for trying it, I do feel that having a Reiki practitioner that puts you at ease, and understands your needs is, and Davina takes the time to do both with compassion and sensitivity.

Having regular Reiki sessions with Davina will definitely become part of my new self-care routine."


“ I just wanted to say how much I really appreciated and enjoyed the Reiki session. Running this little business has been really fulfilling but sometimes utterly draining and I have only recently started to understand the toll it’s been taking on me and allowing myself to prioritise my own self-care. My Pilates mornings and the Reiki session with you is the start. I would love to continue seeing you for Reiki sessions once we are all back to some semblance of normality?

I felt the difference with my breath at the end of the session verses the beginning. Throughout the session I felt multiple sensations, predominately through my shoulders and neck, like a wave pushing through from the tip of my shoulder along my neck and either out of my ear or through my collar bone. I also felt sensations in my right foot later on in the session.

My mind drifted around throughout the session, but it didn’t feel restless.

I felt super relaxed at the end of the session but then about an hour later I was energised! I was buzzing until bedtime and was worried I wouldn’t sleep. But I hit that pillow and fell quickly into a deep sleep! It felt really great the next day.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and something I’d like to explore further.”


“As it was my first ever reiki session, I felt safe in the hands of Davina, who I know to be the embodiment of a calming and peaceful spirit. 

Starting the session with a meditation slowed down my heart, and focused the energy inwards. 

I had been having some personal, family issues in the weeks leading up to the session, so I was conscious of giving myself the hour to focus on me, which I think helped the session to feel open. 

During the session I felt initially relaxed, not sleepy at all but then slowly, the body started to really weigh down into the bed. I was not asleep nor fully awake. I could feel the warmth passing down my body in a wave like motion as Davina moved. 

The smell in the studio was also incredible, earthy and fragrant. I tried to keep my mind clear of outside thoughts and just focus on the feeling of the body and Davina’s energy. 

Immediately following the session, there was a definite shift in my body. It felt relaxed yet energised and it felt amazing.

I rested deeply that night and the following morning woke up naturally, and was surprised to see it was not even 6am yet I was ready to jump out of bed. What was so impressive was that this energy and positivity I felt came naturally for the following several days, so the after effect of the reiki session was very long lasting. 

Can’t wait for the next session. My body and spirit felt nurtured and nourished. Davina’s beautiful energy guides gently yet effectively and the reiki session is a perfect tonic for anyone.” 


To book an Reiki session just drop me a note on the Contact page or you can book a session via the Store

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